COVID-19 Safety


For our Patients:


Your health and welfare are our prime concern and we have various procedures to limit physical contact with other people and to protect the community, especially the elderly, the vulnerable, the at-risk, and healthcare workers


Please note, it is a Victorian Government requirement that you register with us each time you visit,

please do this on arrival with your smart phone (and let us know on the day if your unable to do this)


When booking an appointment with us:

a. before you complete our Request an Appointment form, if:


  • a surgeon is referring you, or

  • this is the first time you are seeing us, or

  • you have seen us before, but have a different health issue this time, or

  • you have not seen us for a year


Please first complete our online Patient Registration Form on the  Appointments tab


b. when you complete your Request an Appointment form:


Please advise if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • fever

  • cough

  • sore throat

  • shortness of breath or wheeze

  • breathing difficulties

  • headache


If so, we will need to allow at least two weeks until we may see you

On the day of your appointment, kindly:

  • ring 9421 1717 to reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms

  • come on your own, or with no more than one support person, who needs to be aged 16 or over

  • use your smart phone to register via the QR code

  • arrive at the waiting area outside our rooms no more than five minutes before your appointment time

  • knock on the door, or ring 9421 1717, to let us know that you have arrived

                        (we will come out of our rooms to bring you in)

  • use the hand sanitiser provided, before you see Dr Flanagan

  • pay only by credit card (no cash or cheques)


Latest coronavirus (COVID-19) information - click below for:



Thank you, and stay safe

Dr Grant Flanagan and staff