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Dear Patient, if:

  • a surgeon if referring you to us (even if we have seen you before),   or

  • this is the first time you are seeing us,   or

  • you have seen us before, but have a different health issue this time,   or

  • you have not seen us for a year


1.   Click here to complete our online Patient Registration Form

including attaching your referral

and any other paperwork  

(you may partially complete your form, save it, and complete at a later time)

2.   Have any tests done (if requested by your referring doctor)

3.   Ring (03) 9421 1717 for an appointment

We generally have a 4-5 week waiting list

Should you wish to be placed on a cancellation list, please, asap, complete our form

(including attaching your referral)

and have any tests done if requested by your referring doctor.

This will allow us to contact you for an early appointment should one become available.

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